As the importers and distributors of the world's most advanced tuning equipment from Dimsport Italy, Performance Technic are leaders in engine calibration using the latest technology to tune your motorcycle. Not only do we offer training for our dealer partners but offer a range of tuning options that are customer and motorcycle specific. Every motorcycle we tune is tuned according to your requirements from economy, adventure and race, auto-blip, quick shifters and launch control. We offer a solution for almost every motorcycle brand and every requirement.

Tuning from R3990.00

Rapid Bike by Dimsport

Rapid Bike by Dimsport is the worlds most advanced fuelling ECU and the only  technology capable of calibrating the exact fuelling and timing requirements of your motorcycle using stock sensors such as the critical lambda sensor to ensure your motorcycle ‘tunes itself’ while you ride with self-adapting properties.

  • Rapid Bike Easy – Looking to derestrict your motorcycle while benefit from increased performance? Fit Rapid Bike Easy for only R2950
  • Rapid Bike EVO – The world’s most advanced fuelling ECU capable of managing your fuelling requirements on up to 8 injectors, Engine braking, Quick shifter control and auto blipper  while you ride using the motorcycle’s stock sensors such as the import lambda sensor responsible for restricting motorcycles since the dreaded EURO 4 was applied to motorcycles. From R7950.00 fitted to R8950 fitted.

Rapid Bike EVO Racing – The Ultimate in performance! Rapid Bike EVO R offers Fuelling and timing control and extra features such as launch control, pit lane limiter, quick shifter control, auto blipper, RPM control and traction control. RPM limit control is also available on various models


Dyno – Our Dyno imported from Italy and manufactured by Dimsport is not only a braked load dyno but is capable of accurately tuning your motorcycle to your requirements. Why not watch your bike being Dyno’ d from the comfort of our customer lounge?


Akraprovic – As an authorised Akraprovic Sales and Fitment Centre, not only will we fit your exhaust with absolute precision but tune your motorcycle to match the exhaust system thereby ensuring the best possible results.

Performance Products

Performance Products – From performance filters to ‘go-fast’ goodies, we’ll make sure your motorcycle performs and stands out from the crowd.

While you wait

While you wait – ask about our unique ‘while you wait’ facility – in style of course!

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